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Le Regard Éclairé

Le Regard Éclairé was born from the artistic vision of two friends, the photographer Leonardo Ferri and the architect Barbara Antolini.

Over time, the museum vision has changed, the public has evolved from a spectator to an interlocutor: this activating a communication process that has led museums to rethink the way they communicate and set up their collections.

Today the museum must reconcile the needs of the individual and the influx of the masses, quality and quantity, the cultural and emotional content of the visit and its cultural implications.

The rediscovery of the public has made it a constant practice to survey museum visitors, through survey techniques that make it possible to acquire data not only on the sociological characteristics of the visitors, but also on their behaviour, expectations, degree of learning and psychological reactions.

It is precisely from the latter that the idea of ​​our project "Le Regarde Éclairé" was born, the public constantly wants to be amazed, have an experience, be enraptured by art, be surprised by a world that often knows little, wants reconciling knowing with feeling, learning with admiring, comparing the world of rationality with that of the imagination.

Le Regard Éclairé wants to create a memory through images of light and shadows that caress the sculptures, which instead of being seen in their entirety, are broken down in their entirety through the gaze that illuminates the detail.

As if it were the archetype of the sculptor who creates every single detail with a chisel, so we use the light to highlight details that most likely would be lost in their entirety but which are part of the artistic and interpretative force of the work, a system of seeing the work with new eyes.

The sculpture in itself lives only if caressed by the light, the light dresses the work, gives it identity, shape, material, substance. Lights and shadows as an interpretative key, as a new reading tool that elaborate what the observer already knows…

Art Seen and Art Unveiled….

Seeking the essence, sculpting the work again, sculpture through light, creating a new immersive and emotional experience for the visitor.

With our artistic interpretation of the works through video and music or even simple images, the contrast between light and darkness creates harmony, the light becomes the protagonist, the background no longer exists, we find ourselves in front of an enigmatic and abstract chiaroscuro that tickles the soul it becomes sculpted light that reveals the sculptures in a new way.

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